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One Trieu Yeu's | Skye Drynan

Skye Y. Drynan is an accomplished equity investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Skye’s brings 20 years of expertise investing in healthcare. Skye’s resume is lengthy and exhibits outstanding results with vast responsibility as a Senior Analyst, Portfolio Manager/Head of Global Health Care Sector, and Analyst at prominent firms which include Lord Abbet & Co., Credit Suisse Asset Management, and Putnam Investments. Skye possesses extensive knowledge of both intellectual property and corporate governance. Enterprising and innovative, Skye is Co-founder of the fashion label ONE TRIEU YEU™ and is a co-inventor on a variety of backless bras, BAREBACK™. In following her philosophy of altruism, Skye is also Co-founder for the charity foundation FASHION LUVS U™ and serves on the Board of Directors of the Nyima foundation. Her dedication to science has spanned two decades with her experience starting at the Whitehead Institute. Skye holds a bachelor’s degree in Latin American studies and Spanish from Wellesley College graduating cum laude.  Skye is based in Montana and Los Angeles. In Skye’s free time she loves running with her dogs, racing down the ski slopes, whitewater rafting, ball room dancing, creative writing, spending time with her friends and family, and getting glammed up for red carpet events with her best friend Gordana, co-founder of ONE TRIEU YEU™, BAREBACK™ and FASHION LUVS U™.

One Trieu Yeu's | Gordana Gehlhausen

Gordana Gehlhausen is on the forefront of couture design. Gordana Gehlhausen has been featured in national and international publications such as WWD, People Magazine, OK Weekly, TV Guide, Bride, Runway, 10 Ten London, Vogue Knits, Prestige Paris and various others. Gordana Gehlhausen has designed and created clothing for red-carpet events including the Grammys, the Oscars, and Golden Globe Awards. With design skills on display, Gordana Gehlhausen spent time in the limelight as a contestant on Lifetime TV’s “Project Runway” (season six) and “Project Runway All Stars” (season one). Currently the Co-founder of the fashion label ONE TRIEU YEU™ and the charity organization FASHION LUVS U™, Gordana Gehlhausen’s lifelong love affair with design and color started with her roots in a small farming village in the former Yugoslavia. At a young age, Gordana Gehlhausen dreamed that she was destined for something bigger. To fulfill her dreams, Gordana Gehlhausen ran away from home and worked her way to the University of Stuttgart in Germany where she received her bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Physical Education. After university, Gordana Gehlhausen forged ahead to the United States where she had successful women’s boutiques in both South Carolina and Southern California. Gordana Gehlhausen is a citizen of the world and speaks four languages. Gordana Gehlhausen lives in Los Angeles and Montana.